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Tech to Help Overworked and Overwhelmed Pharmacists Prioritize Patient Safety

Patients put an enormous amount of faith in pharmacists, landing the profession the fourth highest ranking in Gallup’s 2019 poll of professions Americans consider to be the most honest and ethical.

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Opioid Oppressors And Big Tobacco: A Parallel In False Advertising

News of the $527 million judgement levied against Johnson and Johnson this past August for its role in proliferating the country’s opioid crisis marked a turning point in the epidemic which has been escalating in scope and notoriety for years.

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Pharmacists: Don’t Get Backed Into a Corner

Of all professional pursuits, doctor’s careers are especially fragile. Beyond the years of schooling, residency, and subsequent testing, providing patient care is an incredible responsibility that can be emotionally taxing. A misstep can mean the loss of one’s license, reputation, and potentially the end of their career.

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America’s Opioid Crisis Pits Big Pharma Against Pharmacists​

Big Tobacco-level legal action and judgements are pitting the major players in America’s opioid crisis against each other, leaving courts – and the court of public opinion – to decide who’s responsible for the nationwide public health crisis.

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