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Next-level data analysis

At the forefront of harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning

A comprehensive dashboard that provides a real-time view of all pharmacy activities and how they work independently and cross-functionally.

  1. Purchasing – Sophisticated predictive analytics look at order history and patterns in drug demand, predicted patient behavior, price fluctuation and other variables, which translates to accurate forecasting and tells pharmacists the precise quantities to buy, and when to buy them.
  2. Inventory – Smart purchasing decreases unbuyables and maximizes space by having the appropriate SKUs on shelf at the right time. This minimizes waste, ensures customers have the items they need and maximizes profit.
  3. Compliance – Pharmacy compliance is under a microscope because of the opioid epidemic. Our technology provides the resources and real-time data that pharmacists need to remain compliant by, among other things, detecting suspicious drug orders and preventing diversion.

How it Works


Cloud-based applications that capture data and provide updates to your pharmacy system daily via bi-directional interfaces developed in partnership with your pharmacy software vendor. Post-implementation, little to no user interaction is required and our comprehensive support infrastructure monitors and corrects any issues that may occur.

Next-level data analysis

A proprietary suite of advanced algorithms to process the data received from your pharmacy system. Using today’s technology and the power of the cloud, information is analyzed in seconds. Necessary updates are provided back to your pharmacy system in a timely manner so that normal store hours are not affected.


Applications designed to be highly configurable to align with your best practices to manage your business as you see fit.

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With solutions as flexible as they are scalable to meet the unique needs of each of our partners, watch our on-demand demo today to start solving your pharmacy inventory management issues.

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Our product suite makes us the most comprehensive pharmacy technology solution available and our knowledge, agility and genuine personability makes us the most trusted. Learn more about our flexible and scalable pharmacy management solutions by requesting a demo.
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