OrderInsite's Guardian

Intelligent pharmacy compliance technology:
Real-time data analysis and actionable insights to help detect suspicious drug orders and prevent prescription drug diversion

Digital surveillance to monitor controlled prescribing

For Suppliers, Manufacturers & Pharmacies

Provides real-time analysis to quickly identify areas of concern at a store, prescriber and patient level

For Pharmacies

Monitors, detects and stops suspicious items in orders before they are transmitted to your supplier

For Suppliers, Manufacturers & Pharmacies

OrderInsite’s Guardian solution proactively detects and stops suspicious prescription drug orders by flagging possible drug diversion cases at the store, prescriber, and patient levels.



OrderInsite’s Guardian solution helps compliance teams:


  • See and understand retrospective analytics to identify potential areas of concern
  • Provide concise and actionable reporting to evaluate and monitor controlled substance prescribing


OrderInsite’s Guardian offers a full suite of pharmacy inventory management and intelligent dispensing capabilities, and a robust case management tool.
Advanced Analytics
Real-Time Data
Store-Level Views
Prescriber-Level Analytics
Patient-Level Analytics
Prescription Details
Review Credentials

For Pharmacies

OrderInsite’s Guardian solution uses static and dynamic thresholds to evaluate items in an order. This allows compliance to review the suspicious items before they are submitted to suppliers and manufacturers.

OrderInsite’s Guardian solution helps pharmacies:

  • Research and evaluate business changes driving threshold variances

  • Remove suspicious activity from forecasting to reflect appropriate demand driving dynamic thresholds


Digital surveillance of all prescription drug ordering​

Robust workflow tools for compliance teams to review and act on items of interest

Static thresholds that evaluate items based on historical pattern, frequency and size

Dynamic thresholds that evaluate items based on forward-looking forecasts and daily changes in business

See It In Action

Our product suite makes us the most comprehensive pharmacy technology solution available and our knowledge, agility and genuine personability makes us the most trusted. Learn more about our flexible and scalable pharmacy management solutions by requesting a demo.
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